Organizing with Kids

Organizing with Kids: Keepsakes

January 12, 2017

Hello, I'm Rachel
I’m a busy mom, entrepreneur, and an expert in organizing your home, office, and life. I believe in the profound impact of organizing on every aspect of life. 
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When I started my company in 2007 I had no idea where I would be a decade later, but I love looking back on old client folders (I’m working on digitizing all of my historical documents), my first client before and after photos, and even the original branding and marketing collateral. It’s fun to see how much has changed, how much has remained the same, and remember the good (and sometimes bad) that happened along the way to shape who I am as business owner now.

My identical twins were born shortly after my company took off, and next week they are turning 9 years old (NINE?!). I’m completely in denial that in the very near future I will have a double dose of preteen fun but I am slowly starting to comprehend that I can’t control what is ahead even though my Type A brain wants to sometimes! 🙂

Rachel and Company - Savor -

While I was learning how to balance being a mom to two newborns at the same time as running my own business, I leaned on organization to get me through. I definitely could not control the demands that my daughters would have throughout the day or anticipate the learning curve that comes with running a small business, but knowing that I had set up the rest of my life (i.e. my calendar, the contents of my home, etc.) in a way that was easy for me to manage in the midst of all of the unexpected and unknown during those early years.


Regardless of how crazy motherhood can be, I never want to forget those moments. As daughters of a professional organizer, it was inevitable that my daughters would practice what I preach. We try to edit their clothes and toys on a regular basis, and they are pretty great about letting go of school papers and artwork at the end of each week. Of course, like all of us, there are things that are special to them (and even myself!) that they want to hold on to. Just as we do for our clients, we like to dedicate one box for each family member to store their keepsake items. Recently we were introduced to Savor, a company that creates beautiful keepsake boxes to curate the items that we want to preserve.

Each year we like to pull out my daughters’ keepsake boxes to take a look back on the memories from years past, how much they have changed and how much we have stayed the same. We love that The Library: School Years Keepsake Box includes a Birthday Survey–an easy way to track and look back on changes from last year. For kids, each year can feel like a lifetime and it’s easy for them to forget what happened when they were younger. I love having a place for them to peek back into their younger years and for me to reflect on those early days when I was a new mom pursuing a career that I’ve grown even more passion about nearly 9 years later.

Rachel and Company - Savor -

I’d love to know: What keepsakes have you held on to over the years? How do you store your family memories?

This post is sponsored by Savor, a company that believes in saving what matters most. Definitely check out what Savor has for babies, kids and families. I am a true believer in saving what matters most and doing it in a stylish way. Their products also make great gifts!





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