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November 17, 2016

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I recently partnered with Gilt City DC and right now and Organized in a Box (OIAB), my home organizing DIY toolkit, is on MAJOR sale! I am so excited for all of you and for the first time (and probably the last), OIAB is 44% off and OIAB MINI is 40% off

But why purchase OIAB now? Besides the fact that OIAB is on sale (and who doesn’t love a sale?!), I know a lot of you have been thinking about getting better organized with the holidays coming and/or need a really thoughtful gift to give someone that doesn’t end up as clutter but actually helps prevent it.

I’ve been in the professional organizing business for nearly a decade and have heard hundreds of clients tell me things like: (1) “I wish that they knew how to get organized on my own”, (2) “I  don’t know where to begin and I feel like I need someone to tell me how to get and stay organized”, and (3) “I have a mom/sister/friend/neighbor that you need to meet so that you can help them get organized too”. 

I know that the clutter at home is driving you crazy and that you are trying to keep up with everything but you just want to make a pile of it all, set it on fire and get a do-over! Then you try to de-clutter your home and make it beautiful again, but when the process gets too overwhelming you walk away from it to keep your sanity.

After hearing these sentiments time and time again I had my “lightbulb” moment. How can I make it possible for people to get organized on their own in a way that was easy to do, accessible and affordable, but also make it attractive and essential enough to gift to others?

I started by writing The Playbook. The Playbook is full of tips, tricks, and how-tos that I’ve learned and used over the years that really work. There are reference pages on everything from “how long to keep important papers” and “when should you get rid of makeup”, and room guides that explain how to get every area of your home organized. 

Everything is written in brief, bite-size chunks to make it easy to read on-the-go or to reference when you have a spare 15 minutes to focus on getting organized. 

Included with The Playbook inside OIAB are the following Poppin products: Accessory tray, Magical markers, Task pads, Zip folios, Pen cup, and the Bits and bobs tray. All the products included will and can be used in several areas of your home.

So, what are you waiting for when it comes to getting organized or giving the gift of organization? I want to know. And how many of you are going to purchase OIAB on sale? Keep me posted!


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  1. Kevin Lindon Ryan says:

    Rachel, this slideshow looks great!! Love your blog posts, too, especially the Halloween one. Congrats on all of your successes! I met a PR pro from DC in KY, told him about you and your work, and he signed up for your newsletters! All best! Thanks so much – KLR

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