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6 Yard Sale Tips to Create a Better (and More Profitable) Experience

I remember years ago when I hosted my first yard sale. The neighborhood was hosting a big event where you can go between driveways to shop, making it the perfect opportunity to clear your home of unwanted items once and for all. My girls were excited and ready, because with yard sales meant a lot of fun, like lemonade stands, learning about money, earning money, and finding new homes for old things. I had organized all of our items into boxes, did an insane amount of decluttering (okay, a little more than usual), and what happened? It rained.

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I took the plunge and had another yard sale

Just this month, I was featured in the July/August issues of Woman’s Day Magazine talking turning clutter into cash at yard sales and what it takes to put on a successful yard sale. I am a big believer in making the yard sale that much more “shopable” so people are able to see what they want and need to purchase easily. People should feel like they are in a store being able to browse up and down the aisles with different categorizes of items separated out. They will then be more likely to buy! Here are a few more tips on how to have a successful yard sale.

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