An Organized Lifestyle

Free Moving Checklist & My Must Have Products for an Organized Move!

Last week I shared about our organized move services. This week I’m giving away my FREE moving checklist and sharing my top 8 products to help you get that organized move feel for a fraction of the price.

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An Organized Lifestyle

Why moving season is the best time to get organized

I am often faced with the “I don’t why I store this here” situations during client appointments (i.e. why lightbulbs and batteries are stored typically in 3+ areas of the home) and it just reiterates the point: when you bring an item into your house it typically lives where it lands. One of the best times to create organizing systems is also during what can be for some a very stressful period: moving time! It’s the only time you will have a completely blank space to work in and get to re-assign what goes where, which–if done strategically–will make your life easier moving forward.

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