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Washington DC's Premier Professional Organizing Company

We invest the time to tailor your organization plan to suit you and your family perfectly. From start to the finishing touches, we manage every aspect of organizing your home or space, ensuring a customized solution that aligns perfectly with you and your lifestyle. 

Professional Organizing

Established in 2007, we have built a solid reputation within the Washington, DC area and beyond. Our dedication lies in creating impeccably organized spaces and our work speaks for itself. Our clients range from high profile individuals and athletes to everyday people whose privacy is of the utmost importance - and the hundreds of repeat clients and referrals speak volumes about our reliability and track record.

Organizing Services for residents in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and surrounding areas!

Far from one-size-fits-all.

We take pride in crafting personalized systems that cater to each of our clients. By understanding our clients' preferences and how they ‘live’ in their spaces, we design custom solutions tailored to their unique needs. Identifying the specific challenges in your space, delving into past attempts at solutions, and gaining insight into the space's primary users allow us to create and implement lasting and effective solutions.


We work on many types of projects from organizing entire homes to individual spaces like pantries and closets. Whether you envision a complete makeover of your living or workspace, or a narrower focus on a specific room, we offer a wide set of services that are tailored to each client’s unique needs. With our white glove approach, we manage each and every aspect of your organizing project.

We assist clients with decluttering their homes of items they no longer love, use, or need. We work with removing any items for donation, items for consignment and trash. We have trade partners that assist with all the aspects of the removal, and you are left with a donation receipt for tax purposes or your items selling on consignment. Our full-time handyman team also assists with all projects, from building storage furniture and moving heavier items to painting touch-ups and building new shelving. 

Our commitment extends beyond decluttering; we focus on establishing effective systems and routines to help you maintain organization even after our work is complete. Our goal is to help assist you and your family to function how you want to function in your home and create an easy to maintain system for your daily life. We work on your priority spaces, needs and pain point areas. We will find a home for everything, create systems for their use and leave things beautifully organized. We also assist with training housemangers or other staff members to make sure the upkeep is easily maintained. 

What sets us apart...

What sets us apart is our meticulous attention to detail and the comprehensive range of professional organizing services we provide, culminating in spaces that are not only impeccably organized but also highly functional.

Being able to assist people with the organization of their home and moving them into new homes is extremely rewarding. Getting to help people function in their physical space, allowing them to be less stressed, save more money, have more family time or just enjoy the spaces more is why we do what we do. I believe in a connection with one's physical space to their emotions and assisting clients with their physical space, which is something they can control, has completely changed people's lives and the way they live. Something as simple as a system for the organization of a kitchen with putting items kids can and should be accessing allows kids to become more independent. Helping empower clients and their family to create a more stress free home is gratifying.

- Rachel Rosenthal

Our Five-Step Organizing Process

Initial Consultation

We’ll speak over the phone to review your objectives and priorities. During this consultation, we’ll discuss how you live, how you want to live, and how we can help. There is no charge for this exploratory call.


Source & Purchase Products

During the hour-long walkthrough, one of our project managers will see and speak with you about all areas of your organizing project and take measurements of the spaces, where necessary. We will then create a fully customized plan for your project that beautifully organizes and optimizes your space. 

We’ll source high-quality organizing products and furniture tailored to your project while taking into account your preferences and ideal aesthetic. The items we bring will aid in the organization of your space and fit into your home and lifestyle seamlessly. 

Rachel and Co. only utilizes the highest quality organizing products — because we believe in investing in things that last. 


Whether you choose to participate or leave it entirely to us, we'll declutter, categorize, organize, label, and enhance your space into a haven you'll enjoy, customized to fit your life and routines. Our efforts aim to imbue your space with a blend of both beauty and functionality.

As part of the process, our team coordinates donation and consignment services, overseeing the drop-off and pick-up of clothing, household items and other relevant items that you are ready to let go of! 

Simply Live

Through asking thoughtful questions and intently listening to the wants and needs of our clients, we are able to find organizing solutions that sustainably simplify the way you live in your home for years to come.

Hannah S., Bethesda, MD

“I was initially embarrassed to bring someone in to see how my family and I lived but then was referred to Rachel and Company and took a shot. From the moment they walked in, I felt at ease, that I was in great hands and they were non-judgemental. They helped our family get rid of a ton of clutter and belongings that were honestly too hard for me to go through on my own. We worked together for several days and they wound up setting up systems that my family and I easily maintain.” 

Liz E., Mclean, VA

"Being a busy family of five can get pretty crazy, and it felt like we were drowning in stuff and stress. That's when we brought in the Rachel and Company team, and it seriously changed the game for us. Now, our home has a spot for everything, and it looks amazing too! It's like magic – our lives feel way less stressful. Shoutout to these incredibly professional organizers and true experts. I rave about them to everyone I know!” 

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