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Washington DC's Premier Organized Moving and Relocation Services

No matter the distance of your move, whether it's within the city or across the country, our comprehensive, white-glove moving and relocation services will seamlessly guide you through every step of the process. 

Organized Moving & Relocation

Established in 2007, we have built a unique reputation within the Washington, DC Metro area and beyond. Our clients range from high profile individuals and athletes to everyday people whose privacy is of the utmost importance - and the hundreds of repeat clients and referrals speak volumes about our reliability and track record.


You can be completely hands off.

Our white glove approach guarantees that you can be completely hands off. Our objective is to ensure that when you settle into your new home, it's clutter-free and equipped with customized systems to facilitate a beautifully organized lifestyle.

our approach

What sets us apart...

What sets us apart is our meticulous attention to detail and the comprehensive range of services we provide, resulting in flawlessly designed, functional, and aesthetically pleasing closets or built-in spaces. Collaborating closely with you, we craft custom solutions that optimize your space while perfectly accommodating your belongings. Whether it's a single closet or an entire home's storage, our tailored plans are designed to meet your unique needs.

“Helping clients with moving or relocation is extremely gratifying. Most of our clients are busy families that know the value of having someone else help to orchestrate their move. Whether it is going across the state or moving out of state, with our concierge moving services, we are meticulous making sure no detail is left out. Being able to assist families get quickly settled in their new homes with food in the fridge and everything else where it should be, is a great feeling. We have saved clients a lot of stress and frustration during a time in their lives when there is a big transition happening. Being able to help them with their move into a beautifully organized home is very rewarding knowing that they can start the next chapter of their lives empowered and in an organized home is why we do what we do.”

- Rachel Rosenthal

Our Six-Step Moving Process

Complimentary Initial Consultation

We’ll speak over the phone to review your moving objectives, priorities, timeline and how we can help. We have an extensive list of preferred partners from realtors to movers at the ready, if needed and will help coordinate all aspects of your move with them directly.

in-person walkthrough of Your Current Home

In- Person Walkthrough of Your New Home

During the hour-long walkthrough, we’ll make sure we understand what you have, what you are bringing with you to your new home, what will be stored, sent to another location or donated. Additionally, we’ll seek insights into any existing systems that aren't serving you well in your current space, helping us tailor new and improved systems for your upcoming home. We will also get a sense of your overall project and needs. 

During the walkthrough of your new home, we’ll take measurements and devise a plan for optimal organization, function and beauty. We will also take into account the aesthetic of your new spaces, any organizing products you already own and your goals for each space. At this time we will also discuss the need for new items that you would like purchased and installed in your new home. We will take into consideration any brand and color preferences, the way you live and your aesthetic. We will then put together a fully customized plan for your project.

Source and Purchase Products 

We’ll source high quality organizing products and storage furniture tailored to your new home, while taking into account your style and material preferences and ideal look and feel. The items we bring will aid in the organization of your space and fit into your new home and lifestyle seamlessly. 

Rachel and Company only utilizes the highest quality organizing products — because we believe in investing in things that last.

Packing, Moving, Organizing + Project Management

Before your move, we streamline your current home by decluttering, ensuring that only items you love, use, and that fit your current lifestyle make their way to your new house. On packing and moving days, our team is on-site, meticulously coordinating every detail. We’ll create detailed inventories, categorizing items for the new house, storage, or alternative locations. Our concierge services extend to handling last-minute details, including donation pickups, consignment, rug cleaning, and more.

Throughout the packing and moving process, we supervise the movers, manage the entire transition, and ensure the proper closure of your current home. Once at your new residence and after the movers have unpacked, we meticulously organize your spaces for a seamless transition. To enhance this process, we recommend having Amazon, grocery store, Costco, or other deliveries made before our arrival, allowing us to incorporate those items into your home, stock your fridges, and ensure your new living space is fully equipped for you to settle in. 

Living Simply

Through asking thoughtful questions and intently listening to the wants and needs of our clients, we are able to orchestrate a completely organized move that is managed from start to finish. Our commitment is to leave our clients settled into their new homes, enjoying a beautifully organized life with every detail thoughtfully arranged for their convenience.

Jessica R. + James T., Mclean, VA

"We seriously can't imagine surviving our move without the incredible Rachel and Company team! They turned what could have been a total nightmare into a stress-free experience. Right from the start, they took charge of every aspect of our move – connecting us with top-notch movers, communicating regularly with our interior designer, and handling all the nitty-gritty details. We had complete confidence in them, so much so that when we returned from our vacation and walked into our new house, it already felt like an organized haven. The fridge was stocked, the kids' rooms were set up just how they wanted, and the whole house felt calm. Huge thanks to Rachel and Company – we're forever grateful!"

Sharon P., Washington, DC

“I am a naturally organized person and thought I could handle our move myself…but when I started thinking about all the little details that needed to be done in both houses, I became totally overwhelmed. I asked a friend who they used for their move and thankfully was introduced to Rachel. Having someone else manage all the endless little details so that I could be with my kids, work and deal with all the renovation details at my new house freed up so much time and saved me a ton of headache and money in the end.” 

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