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Moving Help: Organized Moves

Moving is stressful, that’s why Rachel and Company provides moving help to organize the process and make your life easier. 

Whether you move across the city, or across the country, we coordinate every step along the way. We declutter your existing space, organize your belongings into boxes, and unpack in your new home. 

We have a clear understanding of space and expert knowledge of how to use it most effectively. We also have an array of resources, including movers, consignment stores, donation facilities, and junk removal. You will move into a new home — free of clutter! — with systems in place to keep you organized.


  • Decluttering and organizing your current home to create a smoother, purposeful transition to your new home
  • Creating a moving inventory, packing the contents of the current home, and unpacking and organizing the new home
  • Measuring the new home for organizing products to assist with the organization in the new home prior to move-in
  • Managing the planning, coordination, and vendor communication, including: overseeing moving companies, crating of art, and moving day logistics

Praise for Rachel and Company’s Organized moves

“I was living under the impression that I was organized and could manage everything myself. However, as things got busier at work, things increasingly seemed less orderly at home—and my dream that I could do it all was shattered! Thankfully, Rachel came into my life. She gave me valuable advice and to this day, I use her techniques and advice. She went on to plan my wedding, two work events and recently helped me get things in order for a move. She has a wonderful aesthetic sensibility and it is easy for me to hand anything to her…it’s heavenly!”

— Stephanie C. Washington, DC

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